Inner Resources Publishing!

Hans Christian Crop

Inner Resources: Helping You Develop Your Inner Resources!

Jim has written and published gobs of books, piles of articles and manuals, and bunches of stuff over the years!

Here’s what’s currently available! 


Title: Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget!

Subtitle: Buy and Equip Boats for Pennies on the Dollar!  Save Thousands on Your Next Boat & the Boat Gear To Go with It!

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Simply BrilliantTitle: Simply Brilliant Ideas & Projects for Sailboats & Power to Customize Your Boat and Prepare the Crew for Cruising!

Subtitle: Boatloads of Hints, Tips, and Great Ideas! To Save You Time, Money, and Problems!

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Sprouting-_The_Begin_Cover_for_KindleTitle: SPROUTING: The Beginners’ Guide to Growing Sprouts!

Subtitle: Everything You Need to Know to Begin Growing & Enjoying Sprouts!

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Recovery-_Passing_Al_Cover_for_KindleTitle: Recovery: Passing Along Some Experience, Strength, and Hope!



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