Let’s Find Us Some Boats!

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Attention the Fleet!
Last night I did a simple search in the search bar at the top of the group, here.  I used 2 words, BOAT, and SALE.  Once the search returned some results, I scanned across the top list of tabs to where it said GROUPS.  I clicked on that tab. 
2 hours later, I had scanned past hundreds of groups that are dedicated to selling boats (and frequently a lot of other stuff like cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) But they all have Boats and Sale in their title. 
There are likely thousands of such groups on Facebook.  And they are EVERYWHERE on the planet, pretty much.
No way could I join all of these groups.  If you want to see this for yourself, here’s a link you can copy and paste into your browser’s address bar. Then, stand back!
I was overwhelmed by how much boat deal availability there is and how much work it would be to sift through it all!  Then I was struck by an idea… I think it was a great idea.  The kind of idea that will make our site explode with boat deals for everyone, everywhere… boat deals that are NEAR to YOU!


We have over 1000 members in our illustrious group!  The complaint I hear the most around here is that the boat deals we are posting are too far from where members live.  Yep, I whine about it daily!

So, do a search for just your own state. I’m in Texas. My search was 3 words in the search bar at the top of the Facebook group, BOAT, SALE, TEXAS.  I got dozens of groups in the return. Not sure how many there are in Texas, but it just kept adding them as I kept scrolling down.
But, Texas-sized seems far more manageable to me.  Here’s the actual search URL I used:


You can copy and paste that URL into your browser’s address bar and see what I mean.

To quote Captain Ron, “Here’s the beauty of it…”  As many of us who has time, would do a search for his/her own state or the state you want to find a boat in, like I did.  So, at the top of your Facebook page for this group, you’d put in the search area 3 words, BOAT, SALE, and the word/s for your own state, and see what you find.

Remember, once you get the results, you have to scan across the top of the page to the tab that says, GROUPS.  Click on that and you’ll see what you get!

Then, go through the returned list of groups.  Click the join for any that look interesting to you.  Once you are in, you can post to Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget that you did join and maybe SHARE a couple of boat deals you find.

THEN, as time goes by, you’ll have boat deals from that/those groups cross your desk as they get posted. Immediately click to SHARE those posts on Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget’s Group, our group!

Some states will have a guhzillion groups!  No worries. Join what you like and let someone else join the rest.  With as many people as we have, we should begin getting great coverage pretty quickly.

Some people, like me will join hundreds of groups. Some might just find one.  It’s great, no matter what you can do… Many Hands Light Work!  If we join together to do this, we’ll all benefit in the long run!

Please let me know what you think about this. Also, let me know if I need to post screen shots so you can see what I’m talking about better.  Also, please give me feedback and ideas you pick up from looking at this and giving it try.

Happy Hunting, Y’all!

-Jim B





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