Jim B’s Public Appearances

Jim is available for public appearances and presentations!

He Presents Life-Changing Talks that will show you how to spend just 5 minutes a week to grow all the healthful delicious sprouts you can eat!

  • Learn how simple, easy and affordable it is to grow the healthiest superfood on the planet, on your kitchen counter!
  • Jim B’s plain, simple, quick, and convenient system to grow sprouts to add to every meal, every day!
  • He shows you a system to insure you have plenty of sprouts on an ongoing basis!
  • See how it’s done!
  • We will have samples to view of home-grown Sprouts!


  • Personal Presentation by this Amazing Author!

    Here’s a simple, easy lifestyle enhancement that will change your life for the best!

About Jim Beerstecher!

Jim B is an accomplished and recognized self-health / self-help expert! He has been sprouting for over thirty years! He’s sprouted at home, in his motorhome, at sea in his small sailboat, while visiting friends & relatives, and in hotel rooms. At 58, he was suffering from perforated diverticulitis, major depression, stage II hypertension, type II diabetes, morbid obesity, and arthritis.

Jim B turned back to sprouting, juicing, and healthy whole foods for solutions! Today he’s over 100 pounds lighter! Fit! Vigorous! Takes NO prescription medications! All of his chronic illnesses are gone! His innovative new book about sprouting, Sprouting: The Beginners Guide to Growing Sprouts! shows readers how simple, easy, affordable, and convenient it is to improve your health and lifestyle with sprouting!



Personal Presentations by Jim B

Jim Beerstecher, author of the great new book, Sprouting: The Beginners Guide to Growing Sprouts! is a dynamic presenter, entertaining speaker, and fun guy to hang out with! He presents talks and demonstrations to community groups and organizations, on location in retail outlets, and anywhere people want help with nutrition, self-help, and self-health!


He brings everything he needs with him:

  • Presentation handouts and visual aides
  • Hard copies and PDF DVD/CD’s of his book, Sprouting: The Beginners Guide to Sprouting!
  • Sample Sprouting Jars, Trays, and Bags
  • Sample Sprouting Seeds
  • Sample Sprouts in Process of Growing
  • Sample Finished Sprouts

In a retail setting, he is happy to include your own sprouters and sprouting seeds, nuts, and beans to be included in the presentation.


General Presentation Overview:

  • Begins with an overview of Jim B’s personal motivational story!
  • Shows and discusses the elements of sprouting!
  • Shows and discusses the process of sprouting!
  • Shows and discusses sprouts from seed/bean/nut to dinner table!
  • Shows and discusses the various ways to include sprouts in everyday/everymeal settings!


Presentations can be tailored to fit your timetable, your audience, and your needs. Jim can present for ten minutes to 2 hours. In a retail setting, he can be available to address your customers as they approach him, make short presentations on the fly, and answer questions as they come up.


For More Information, to Order Books, or to Arrange a Visit by Jim B

  • Call 409-789-6216,
  • Email Jim@KeepItSimplePublications.com, or,
  • Go online to our site, www.KeepItSimplePublications.com


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