Sprouting: The Beginners’ Guide to Growing Sprouts!

Sprouting-_The_Begin_Cover_for_KindleEverything You Need to Know to Start Growing and Enjoying Sprouts!

    • In a Sinple Jar!

    • Better Health for Pennies!

    • LESS than 5 Minutes a Week!

    • Wonderful Nutrition for a Few Cents!

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By: Jim Beerstecher (Jim B!)

Jim’s easy, simple, affordable, and health-restoring approach to sprouting makes it accessible to anyone who wants to try. It only takes about 5 minutes a week to do it! You’ll have a half gallon of healthful, delicious, health-giving sprouts to add to all the foods you eat. Put them on salads, steaks, soups, juices, sandwiches, eat them like snack food from a bowl, in your oatmeal, on your eggs, and even on your frozen TV dinner!

A little over 2 years ago, the author, Jim Beerstecher (Jim B!), found himself flat on his back in a hospital facing 2 surgeries and certain financial ruin from the cost of the surgeries. He’d already lost his vitality, his basic health, had developed a number of chronic illnesses, and was very, very depressed.

Determined not to die young and miserable at the tender age of 58, he threw himself into the study and practice of growing and eating sprouts with every meal. He began eating mostly raw veggies, most of which he grew himself on his kitchen counter (AKA sprouts!). Later, he moved on to making fresh veggie juices (watch for that simple system book coming out soon!) and added lots of fresh home-grown sprouts to his juices!

Today, Jim is over 100 pounds lighter and has regained his health entirely. Here are the diagnoses he no longer has: Perforated Diverticulitis, Type II Diabetes, Major depression, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Arthritis Symptoms, Acid Reflux, ED, and Morbid Obesity. Jim was diagnosed with all those and had been obese for over 30 years!

Not any more! And it all started with developing a simple, affordable, easy-to-use, and health-restoring system for growing sprouts at home. For pennies, he began growing his own health and is today completely unrecognizable from the Jim of 2 years ago. No surgeries and no medications!

And it all started with a few sprouts grown on his kitchen counter… as it can for you. Once you see how simple, easy, and affordable it can be, you’ll be on the road to better health, too!

Can you spare five minutes every week and 2 bucks a month to help build the best health of your life?

Give this simple, affordable book a chance. Buy this book today! You have nothing to lose (Except excess weight and deteriorating health and vitality!) and everything to gain (Your health, vitality, and vigor!)… all in the best ways possible!

This is not the last word on the subject of sprouting!

It’s designed to be the first words to help you get started!

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