Recovery: Passing Along Some Experience, Strength, and Hope!

Recovery-_Passing_Al_Cover_for_KindleTitle: Recovery: Passing Along Some Experience, Strength, and Hope!

By Jim Beerstecher

The author, who’s been active in his own recovery since 1976, has pulled together some of his favorite stories illustrating some of his unique perspectives on recovery. He begins with his own story, “Jim B’s Twelve Days of Christmas… a Miracle of Recovery.” An alcoholic! A drug addict! A codependent! And a compulsive overeater! Jim’s a good, bad example of recovery being possible for the “some of us are sicker than others” crowd!

In this book, the author recounts the more important and memorable lessons learned in his recovery. Each story will give the reader new insights into his/her own recovery.

“If the reader gets one single new idea out of this book,” quips Jim, “It’s worth the price of admission and then some!”

Good reading, fun accounts, anecdotes, slogans, sponsorship, meetings, steps, spirituality, treatment centers, old timers, relationships in recovery, employment, prosperity, and dozens of other components that make up a day in recovery are discussed. Something for everyone, new in recovery and old timers alike!

Great gift idea. Great for people in any recovery program and for people who are contemplating joining a recovery program. It’s a meeting in a digital format… got a few minutes? Read one of the short stories and glean some new perspectives on your own recovery.

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Stories include:

1. Jim B’s Twelve Days of Christmas… a Miracle of Recovery

2. New Years Rush: Safe, Sober New Years

3. Step-of-the-Month Club Begins January 1

4. Learning to Trust Your Higher Power

5. Slogans in Recovery

6. Live and Let Suffer

7. Live and Let Suffer for Codependents!

8. Walk Slow and Drink Lots of Cold Water!

9. Good is the Enemy of Better

10. Spirituality Versus Religion:

11. Pondering Suicide… Read This First?

12. Couples in Recovery

13. Time: The Ultimate Prosperity

14. Tripping Up Old Timers

15. I Never Met a Therapist Who Didn’t Need One!

16. Choosing a Treatment Program

17. Turning Defects into Assets!

18. We All Get Here Playing with Half a Deck!

19. Stick with the Winners and Win with the Stickers!

20. God Doesn’t Have Grandchildren!

21. Would the Child You Were Be Proud of the Person You Are!

22. How Long Do I Have to Keep Going to Those Darn Meetings?

23. On Becoming the Same Person in All Settings!

24. Sponsorship

25. Lookin’ Slick and Feelin’ Sick!

26. First HALT, Then the BLAHS

27. DENIAL, the Acronym!

28. Maybe It’s NOT Them!

29. My Qualifiers Guarantee Me a Seat!

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